Thursday, February 12, 2009

US M-209 Simulator Update

I just finished an update of my US M-209 Cipher Machines Simulator. The M-209 was an American licenced version of the Hagelin C-38. In 1940, Boris Hagelin went to the United States to promote his C Type pin-and-lug machines which resulted in the largest sale ever of crypto machines. The US military selected his C-38 as tactical ciphering device and designated it as M-209. By the end of the Second World War over 140,000 of these small M-209 machines were produced in the US.

The M-209 Sim is an accurate software replica of that famous crypto device, fully compatible with the real machine, with authentic graphics, very realistic handling and all the nuts and bolts, just like the real thing.

The new 3.0 update now incorporates a practical drop-down menu, a pdf help file that explains how the machine was used by the US Army and detailed instructions of the original encryption procedures. You can download the simulator on my website.

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