Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cyber Security Tips

Everyone with a computer and a network connection should pay a visit to US Computer Emergency Readiness Team US-CERT website. US-CERT is founded to protect the Internet structure within the United States, analyze and reduce threats in cyber space, respond to cyber incidents and to spread warning information. To perform this tremendous task, the US-CERT works together with the Department of Homeland Security and several private and public sectors. They have lots of useful information, not only for US citizens, but for everyone who has a computer.

An important part of making the Internet a bit more secure is to provide good information to the computer user. On the Alerts and Tips page you can find information about current security problems and vulnerabilities, important security updates and patches for various computer platforms.

A most interesting page are the Cyber Security Tips. What is cyber security, what can you do to protect your computer and network, what kind of threats can you expect, and how do I protect myself against them? They give tips on safe communication, using e-mail and browsing on the net, and how to keep your software up-to-date and secure. Privacy, protecting it with encryption, passwords, it's all there. Those who often use a computer but are not really computer geeks can really learn here to avoid some important security mistakes they make on computers and learn to protect their privacy.

This information on the Security Tips page should come with each new computer that you buy. Actually, using a computer without these basic tips is like driving a car for the first time and not having any clue of the road signs and traffic rules. So, be safe and read it!

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