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Ames, Aldrich CIA
Barsky, Jack KGB
Blake, George MI6, SIS
Boak, David NSA
Callimahos, Demetrios CIA, Cryptologist
Chapman, Anna (Anya Kushchenko) SVR
Felfe, Heinz SD, KGB, Ghelen, BND
Friedman, William Cryptologist, SIS, OP-20-G, NSA
Gouzenko, Igor GRU
Hagelin, Boris Founder A.B. Cryptograph, CRYPTO AG
Jelinek, Vaclav StB
Jenkin, Tim ANC, Communications specialist
Khan, Noor Inayat SOE
Kalugin, Oleg Major-General, KGB
Mitrokhin, Vasili KGB
Myers, Walter Kendall INR
Montes Belen, Ana DIA
Ogorodnik, Aleksandr Codename TRIGON
Penkovsky, Oleg GRU, codename HERO and YOGA
Peterson, Martha CIA, case officer of TRIGON
Pinson, Amanda US Army
Poe Edgar, Allan Writer and publisher of cryptograms
Polyakov, Dmitri GRU, codename TOPHAT, BOURBON and ROAM
Poteat, Gene CIA
Showers, Donald 'Mac' Admiral US Navy, CIA
Smith, Samantha Peace Ambassador, Cold War Icon
Solomatin, Boris General, KGB
Symonds, John Scotland Yard, KGB
Tolkachev, Adolf USSR Military aviation electronics expert
Turing, Alan GHCQ, mathematician, codebreaker
van Haarlem, Erwin StB
van Vark, Tanja J Scientist, engineer, artist
Vetrov, Vladimir KGB, codename FAREWELL
Vierling, Oskar Prof, Physicist, electronics engineer
Walker, John US Navy
Wolf, Markus Stasi - HVA


A-12 (OXCART) U.S. Spy Plane
Able Archer NATO exercise
Americans, The TV series, espionage
ANC African National Congress, South Africa
Berlin Tunnel Wire tapping under East and West German border
BfV Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, (West) Germany
Bletchley Park GCHQ base of British WW2 codebreakers
BND Bundesnachrichtendiens, (West) Germany
Buzzer, The a.k.a. UVB-76, Military transmitter, USSR/Russia
C-130 A-II #60528 (HERCULES) U.S. SIGINT Platform
Camp Century Greenland U.S. experimental nuclear base
Camp X Secret special operations trainin school, Canada
CIA U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
Cold War Signals Various mysterious and iconic signals
COMSEC Communications Security
Crypto AG (A.B. Cryptograph) Commercial Crypto, Boris Hagelin
Crypto Box Challenge Decrypt three encrypted boxes of text
DARPA U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Dead Hand Soviet autonomous ICBM missile launch system
Duga-3 Over The Horizon Radar, USSR/Russia
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
Enigma WW2 German crypto machine
Enigma Challenge Decipher 10 Enigma messages (with simulator)
FAPSI Federalnoye Agentsvo Pravitelstvennoi Svayazi I Informatsi
FBI U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
Feuerstein Laboratorium WW2 German lab, TICOM target
FIALKA Soviet crypto machine
First Strike American Documentary movie about nuclear deterrent
FSB Federalnaja Sloezjba Bezopasnost, Russia
GCCS WW2 Government Code & Cipher School, U.K.
GCHQ Government Communications Headquarter, U.K.
GRU Glavnoje Razvedyvatel'noje Upravlenije, USSR/Russia
Gunman Project NSA operation at U.S. Embassy Moscow
Hot Line Washington-Moscow communications system
HVA Haupt Verwaltung Aufklaerung, East Germany (Stasi)
Ivy Bells, Operation Tapping of Soviet sea communications cable
Jamming (radio) Deliberate broadcast of interference signals
KGB Komitet gosoedarstvennoj bezopasnosti, USSR/Russia
KL-7 U.S. Cold War crypto machine
KURIER WW2 German Short signal system
Lincolnshire Poacher British SIS/MI6 Numbers Station
MI6 a.k.a SIS, Secret Intelligence Service, U.K.
MfS Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, East Germany
Military Liaison Mission Intelligence and Verification Agreement
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NSA U.S. National Security Agency
Numbers Station One-way spy radio broadcast
One-time pad Unbreakable manual encryption system
Operation Tinker Bell Spy game decryption Challenge
OSS U.S. Office of Strategic Services
OXCART (A-12) U.S. Spy Plane
Permissive Action Link U.S. Security system for nuclear weapons
Podcasts Nuggets Audio downloads
RSS WW2 Radio Security Service, U.K.
SAGE Semi Automatic Ground Environment, USAF radar & guidance
Secret Communications Cryptomuseum exhibits 
Secret Messages Cryptomuseum exhibits
Secret Splitting Secure sharing of a secret code or password 
SIGABA U.S. crypto machine
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
Silent Warriors Cold War Military
Simulators Freeware crypto machine software simulation
SIS a.k.a. MI6, Secret Intelligence Service, U.K.
SOE Special Operations Execitive, U.K.
Spy Ring Espionage groups
SRV Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki, Russia
Stasi East Germans State Security
StB Státní bezpečnost, Czech Cold War Secret Service
Teufelsberg U.S. SIGINT Stationin West Germany
TICOM WW2 Target Intelligence Committee
USAFSS U.S. Airforce Security Service
USS Halibut U.S. Nuclear Submarine -(Operation Ivy Bells)
USS Pueblo U.S. SIGINT Ship, captured by North Korea
UVB-76 a.k.a. The Buzzer, Military transmitter in Russia
VENONA U.S. operation to decrypt KGB and GRU messages
VIRUS A Soviet intervention in Afghanistan
Vula operation Communications network of South African ANC
Windscale Nuclear Disaster Fire in Britain's first nuclear reactor
WPS (words per sentence) Steganography

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