Friday, December 12, 2008


For all newbies in the world of cryptography or anyone who is wondering what cryptography can do for us, there's an interesting project called HashThat! at ThinkQuest, the website, created by students and for students. It's a very beautiful and clear introduction in cryptography and a fun page to read and discover.

The Fundamentals section explains what crypto means, the crypto vocabulary, and the basics of cryptography. In the Down The Ages section you can learn about the history of cryptography through the ages and get familiar with some of the most famous cipher machines. After reading the Relevance Today page you will understand how important crypto is to us in all day life. The Lighter Side and Interact sections are fun to read, listen and play, and there are interesting audio interviews with Phil Zimmermann and crypto history icon David Kahn. Make sure to explore the menus at the right of each page!

I can recommend a visit to the HashThat! website. Look and learn!


Jason said...

Hi, I'm one of the students who created the website. Thank you for the write up!

Dirk Rijmenants said...

Hi Jason,

Welcome to my blog. Congratulations of the Hash That! website. It's truly a great website to get people introduced in cryptography and especially to get young people interested.