Monday, November 17, 2008

Image of the Month

This month I started a new page on my website called Image of the Month. Each month there will be a new beautiful or rare image, related to cipher machines and cryptology. Each image will highlight a special object or story about crypto devices and include a description and links to additional information.

The first image is a very rare Enigma model, the predecessor of the Abwehr Enigma G, taken at the splendid Secret Messages exhibition (see previous post). However, the selection of images will not be limited to my own work. If you have a beautiful and detailed high resolution image of a crypto device, it could be selected as Image of the Month! Of course, the owner of the image will preserve all rights, receives full credits, and the image will be used exclusively as Image of the Month. More information on how to submit an image on the Image of the Month page on Cipher Machines & Cryptology.

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