Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Crypto Box Challenge

After the success of the Enigma Challenge, with competitors of more than 25 different countries, a new challenge starts on my website on December 6. The Crypto Box Challenge consists of three shuffled portions of text, little poems in the English language, that have to be deciphered. Each of these boxes has it's own difficulty level. It's not an easy challenge, and solving the three puzzles of text will give you lots of brain-work. So, get to work and earn your place in the Table of Honor. There is a small freeware program that you can download and that enables you to shuffle around with the letters. Of course, you can always use the program to create your own puzzles or encrypt small pieces of text.

More on the Crypto Box Challenge on my website.

Update Feb 16: People from 11 different countries have joined the challenge, but the last Crypto Box remains unbroken.

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