Monday, January 09, 2006

Markus Wolf

Last month, I had the chance, and time, to read several books, written by Markus Wolf, the legendary chief of the HVA (Haupt Verwaltung Aufklaerung), East Germany's foreign intelligence. Wolf, the son of writer and physician Friedrich Wolf and brother of film director Konrad Wolf, fled as child in 1933 from the Nazi's and exiled to Moscow. After the war, he was sent to Berlin as journalist for the radio station in the Soviet Zone of occupation. As journalist, he followed the Nuremberg Trials against the Nazi leaders.

In 1953, he was one of the founding members of the foreign intelligence service, a department of the ministry of state security, also called Stasi. As head of the HVA, Wolf developed the most effective secret service of the Cold War. After retiring in 1986, he wrote a book which was originally a film project of his late brother Konrad, about Konrad and two friends, growing up in Moscow in the 1930's. Konrad joined the Sovjet Army, one friend the German Luftwaffe, and the third one joined the US forces. Still, after the war, the three friends meet again and keep contact. The book, Die Troika, a statement for friendship which also exposed the failure of communism, was published in East and West Germany. For the people in the East, Wolf, who supported the Glasnost and Perestroika, became a symbol of the ongoing changes in a country that rejected the changes in Eastern Europe.

Although Wolf headed only the foreign intelligence, one of many departments of Erich Mielke's Stasi, he became targeted as Stasi spy chief by the media during the period of the fall of the Berlin Wall. After the collapse of the German Democratic Republic, Wolf was charged and sentenced in the reunified Germany with espionage, bribery and treason, but that conviction was later overturned and he received a suspended sentence on lesser charges.

In the book 'The Man Without a Face', you can read about the years in Moscow, the developement of the most successfull spy agency of the Cold War, and lots of inside information on famous spy cases. In 'Die Trojka' you get a taste of the life in the pre-war Sovjet Union, and how friends got separated by Stalins abuse of communism. Last book I got to read was 'In eigenem Auftrag: Bekenntnisse und Einsichten', Wolf's diary of 1989-1990, describing in detail the political collapse of East Germany and how the GDR government of Erich Honnecker lead the country, the SED party and socialism into the abyss, by rejecting any changes in policy.


Anonymous said...

Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.

RickAHyatt said...

Because I have been since young central to an inheritance rights case (Never received a penny of it YET!) that would have otherwise shaken the capitalist world (The doc's get unsealed in the Phoenix Federal Court System Columbus Day, the 13th, so watch out!), I first met now legendary Spymaster Markus Wolf when I was only 5 years old, in Augsberg, Germany.
He had agent handler control over my Commie mother, and as such I found myself ushered into US Army Military Intelligence right out of high school, and "Turned."
I was then used to lure him and several very interesting others out, who were then caught red-handed in 1977 and also counter-run. To include a still-active assassination team (Unknowingly to them) that should be stopped!
The proof that Markus Wolf, Erich Mielke, and Dr. Aribert Heim (The trainer of this team) subsequently worked for and were protected by, the CIA, as did Rainer Rupp ("Topas," his wife "Tourquoise," the NATO economist Spy) and others are in the photographs and documents that I have kept from the era, and are now on my website,
I guess it's an amusing thing to hereby document that we knew the Berlin Wall was "Coming Down" even back then, and otherwise pretty much helped Wolf attain his own personal goals of a peaceful reunification of Germany.
When I worked with him in '77, I thought him to be quite a nice guy, actually, and an astute professional in the craft. (Although he obviously didn't like getting caught.)
Being of German heritage, I, too, am quite happy at that peaceful reunification and avoidance of another war.
It's also nice to be able to reveal, now, that Rainer Rupp was deliberately "Kicked Upstairs" to his vaunted Economist role at NATO for in that he passed over so much Disinformation (I gave it to him, I should know). That translates into in that, the current WALMART $ War upon the US is bad, but not as bad as the enemy thought it would be at this current critical juncture of our major elections.
Do me a favor, and help me get my website out there in Europe, would you? I'd appreciate it a lot.
And, also would I appreciate your feedback at rickahyatt@gmail com. I'd especially appreciate being contacted by the WGIS Intelligence Officers over there I knew from the period that might read this, or be told of it.
How can I know of all this? For in that I, myself, was to be the third of Wolf's trilogy, "Sapphire."
How I wish I could be "Schutlen und singen mit Brathendlen und Beir auf dem Wiessen!" Diesemal wieder noch.

Anonymous said...

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