Monday, January 16, 2006

Graphical Passwords

Well known problem: People select weak passwords, vunerable to dictionary attacks, or even worse, they forget a good password. The better the password, the easier it is to forget. A solution is a graphical password. The user selects about 10 icons from a large number of icons. A password screen shows a large number of random placed icons, of which three were selected by the user. The user identifies the triangle, formed by the three icons, and clicks anywhere inside this triangle. This is repeated a pre-determined number of times. You can try out the graphical passwords yourself on this page. For some practical help, see this page. Nice idea!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post--Just thought I would say I enjoy your blog. I am an American--61 years old and also have an interrest in cryptology. I also have a blog that is mostly political these days because our country is headed down the wrong road.
Frederick (Rick) Ide