Friday, September 09, 2005

The Tolkachev Story

On the CIA website there's a Studies in Intelligence, containing some very interesting articles. Surfing Bruce Schneier's blog, I came across the Cold War story of Adolf Tolkachev, a Russian spy for the CIA.

Tolkachev, a military aviation electronics expert, provided the CIA over a period of nine years a large amount of highly sensitive information on Soviet avionics, cruise missiles, and other secret technologies. In 1985, he was arrested trying to pass secret materials to the Americans. In 1986, Tolkachev was executed by the Soviets for high treason.

The report gives an inside story on why and how he defected, his motivation, the first contacts with the CIA in Moscow, the Agent communications and many other details. It shows how Tolkachev took ever larger risks, got into trouble, the exfiltration planning, how he got compromised and finally arrested by the Soviets. This story gives a good view on the dangerous life, working methods and risks of secret agents.

The complete Tolkachev story is found on this CIA webpage.

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