Saturday, September 10, 2005

NSA Career Expo

On September 14, the National Security Agency, America's cryptologic organization, will hold a career expo in Hawaii. Chief Spook has a green light to hire every year about 1500 people through 2008, to achieve his Strategic Plan 2004-2009. Their mission becomes increasingly challenging and this requires more and very specialized personnel. NSA is searching for computer scientists, cryptanalysts , signals analysts, computer and electrical engineers, mathematicians and a wide variety of analysts. NSA hopes to attract the best and the brightest amongst us to improve NSA's capabilities. If you think making and breaking codes is your kind of job, take a peek at the career pages or sign up for the career expo.


Stu said...

I think you have to be a merkin to join the NSA.

Significantly missing from the list are language specialists, needed to listen to all those Middle east (etc) phones. And I KNOW that NSA has too few, as do the US military as a hole ...

Dirk said...

Hi stu,

"a wide variety of analysts"...if you check out the NSA site, you'll see that they are searching for lots of foreign langua analysts, specially Arab. If you're good in Russian, Arab or Chinese, no problem to find a job.