Wednesday, January 03, 2024

20 Years Cipher Machines and Cryptology!


This year, the Cipher Machines and Cryptology celebrates its 20th anniversary. It all started in the first days of 2004 with a tiny users page on a server, to share the very first version of the Enigma Simulator. Over the years, and with the help of fellow crypto enthusiasts, the website gradually grew by adding more crypto machines, their history and technical details, simulations, and several cryptologic challenges. In early 2022, the website finally moved to its own domain, and the feared drop in visitors due to the move never occurred, with thanks to the visitors, and Google.

The statistics exceeded all expectations. Meanwhile, the website received more than 4.5 million visits, and not only to read about cryptology. No less than 340 participants from 44 countries entered the Enigma Challenge, the Crypto Box Challenge 83 persons from 26 countries, and Operation Tinker Bell is completed by 28 persons from 16 countries (updated 20 February). A big Thank You to all those who invested time and effort in solving the various challenges, which are still open to new participants

The kind feedback in the guestbook, posted by 306 people from 51 countries, is much appreciated. Never imagined that a little project, to create a simulation of an old crypto machine, would become such a journey into cryptography. The interest in this website, and similar websites from many friends, shows that the fascinating history of cryptography continues to attract people from across the world. And the love for cryptography is exactly why the website was created!

Many thanks and best wishes for 2024, to all friends, participants and cryptography enthusiasts. See you at the website!

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