Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Crypto Tour – Discover Real Crypto Websites

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What is Crypto? These days, you won’t even get the correct answer from Google. Instead, you get hundreds of hits on "crypto" currency websites, top ranking on Google because they promise you to get rich in the shortest time, or lose your money just as fast. Crypto, the short for cryptography, is none of that. 
In fact, the term crypto, used since the 1840s, has nothing to do with so-called "crypto" currencies. No worries, we will lead you to real crypto websites. Spoiler for those who want to get rich. No coins, no profits, we’re talking non-commercial websites about cryptography, how it works, the equipment and history. The good news is that you don't need to be a geek or math wizard, you will discover all kinds of fascinating stuff and won't lose a dime. History is there to share.

Since Google ranks virtual currencies higher than science, a chain of links, called the "Crypto Tour", will guide you through a series of selected websites,  created by cryptography experts, enthusiasts and historians from around the world. They bring you the real story of crypto. All participating websites have the same Crypto Tour icon (in varying colors or size) on their main page. Whichever website you visit, you can always click that icon to discover other crypto websites. To get started, click the above icon to visit our website, find and click the Crypto Tour icon and discover other excellent crypto websites.

For those Gen Z people who mistakenly think crypto is a currency, cryptography is the study and implementation of techniques to hide information or to protect it from being read. The information can be written text, electronic signals or digital information. It’s counterpart is cryptanalysis or crypto-analysis, the study and analysis of existing ciphers and crypto algorithms, in order to assess their quality, to find weaknesses or to find a way to reverse the encryption process without having the key, i.e. codebreaking (see brief history).

If you want to earn good money, and love math, know that cryptologists are in high demand. There are many job opportunities in today's digital world. You don't have to apply for a job at NSA,  GCHQ or CSE, but if you're smart enough, why not? Start the Crypto Tour and click the Crypto Tour icons to find related websites.
Or you could check out the video below and take your chance with some "crypto" coins (no pun intended ;-)

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