Thursday, February 17, 2022

Cipher Machines and Cryptology Moved!

Our website Cipher Machines and cryptology moved to a new location with new domain name! Visit the website at

Despite the odd URL (users.telenet), the old website managed to attract 4.374.600 visits from across the world. I never expected this for an "obscure" subject as cryptography, hence the simple users storage server. The provider however recently decided to terminate the users web spaces, and we had to find another server and domain, but that's all past history now.

The old URL is terminated permanently!

The new website has its own dedicated place on the www, but there's more. The website now supports https, making your visit secure and anonymous, as your connection is encrypted. Quite normal today, but https wasn't that common for non-commercial websites in 2004.
Finally moved to

The move also involved adjusting numerous links. The website runs smoothly, but given the many changed internal links, you might need a hard refresh of the moody webpage to clear obsolete links. And if you ever lose our address, simply remember the good old Cipher Machines and Cryptology, with dot com... or simply visit this blog again ;-]

If you saved the old link in your bookmarkes or favorites, or published the link on a webpage or blog, make sure to change the old URL into the new Much appreciated, as it can take weeks or even months before Google indexes a moved website completely, despite registering in their Search Console. Spread the news of the move!

If you ever wondered what a domain name actually is, and who is running the DNS or Domain Name System, then check this video from The Guardian. Well, thank you guys for keeping my new domain name safe. See also this post from The Guardian.

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Turbo said...

Tremendous scare to find error 404 in the old SWL bookmark! Good thing we found you again.