Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Podcast Nuggets Episode 6

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It's podcast time again, but these ones will spoil the ears for many hours, or rather weeks. The Cold War is an historically important period. Much has been written about it in books and on the Internet, but there are also some excellent podcasts. Today we have three podcast series that delve deeper into the entire Cold War period. One advice before you hit the play button, scroll down to their first podcast episode to discover the history of the Cold War chronologically.

Cold War Conversations by Ian Sanders are interviews and discussions with guests who lived through and experienced the Cold War first hand. Instead of focussing on the well known events, he brings the personal stories and lesser known aspects of the Cold War. The podcasts also shows how the Cold War affected the lives of ordinary people. Truly fascinating accounts. Also available at Player FM and more at facebook.

The Cold War Vault by DJ Kinney, another one of my favorites. He holds a PhD in history with specializations in the history of science and the Cold War, as you will notice in his podcasts. Start with his Introduction podcast, View from Ground Zero and The Last of the Cold War Kids which explains his fascination with the Cold War and why he created this podcast. Also available at Player FM and more at facebook. Highly recommended!

The History of the Cold War by Jeff Hogue, who has a BA and Masters in history. His series focusses more on the countries involved, their culture, politics and ideology, and how this influenced their positions in the Cold War. He also bring the story of the protagonists, how and why they came to power and how they determined the course of the Cold War. Also available at Player FM. and more at facebook.

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