Thursday, March 19, 2020

Crypto AG & Operation RUBICON at Crypto Museum

The Crypto Museum just released the full story about Operation RUBICON, the CIA and BND joint-purchase of Crypto AG, once world leader of secure encryption equipment. The Crypto Museum took part in the investigations with Dutch investigative VPRO radio Argos, and cooperated with various media like the Washington Post and the German ZDF.

They compiled a tremendously detailed page with a wealth of information about the people and organisations involved, the secret agreements with AFSA, NSA, and later CIA and BND, the intelligence operations, legal constructions to disguise the true owners of Crypto AG, the targetted countries and various timelines.

Crypto Museum also provides extensive information about the rigged equipment with links to additional information at their vast website collection. All this based on years of research and many disclosed documents. The RUBICON page is a true treasure trove and historical reference.

Visit the Crypto Museum RUBICON page to learn everything about the Crypto AG spy scandal. If you already visited their RUBICON page before, make sure you refresh the page in your browser, as the page has been expanded quite a bit!

Before you dive into the fascinating Crypto Museum information, Swiss Radio and TV SRF has an excellent intro on the Crypto AG case (subtitles available).

Cryptoleaks – Wie CIA und BND weltweit spionierten

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