Thursday, November 26, 2015

U.S. COMSEC History - Additional Releases

The National Security Agency (NSA) just published an update of the 2007 release of the David Boad lectures on communications security (see my old post). Many blank pages of the old version are now unredacted and show newly released information on various crypto systems, such as the TSEC/KL-7, KW-7, KW-26, KW-37 and one-time pad systems.

After the 2011 FOIA releases of the KL-7 operating instructions, I'm happy to see another bit of information on that pretty crypto machine ooze out of Fort Meade. More on the KL-7 at my website (including an accurate simulation). Of course there's much more to discover in the wonderful David Boak lectures.

The new almost unredacted version:

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