Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Operation Tinker Bell - KGB On The Run Anniversary

I usually write about the real stuff, but I do enjoy creating a fun challenge once in a while. Exactly two years ago I published Operation Tinker Bell, a spy adventure about the hunt for a KGB defector, set at the height of the Cold War. Meanwhile, many participants have already taken up the challenge to unveil the secret behind the KGB defector and it continues to amaze me how many people are attracted to the combination of espionage & cryptology.

Although the story itself is fictional (or maybe not ;-) I took care to make it as realistic as possible, using actual modus operandi of intelligence organisations and their tricks of the trade. Accurate details about organisations, locations and historical facts are woven into the story, submerging the participant in a true Cold War espionage atmosphere. In contrast to my previous challenges, you don't need any cryptologic skills to crack messages. All required keys and tools are provided.

Do you love spy stories, liked watching The Americans on TV or got fascinated by reports about ten Russian sleepers that were caught by the FBI? Then rush to Operation Tinker Bell, visit the briefing and start the hunt for Colonel Rogozin!

Our friend here is on the run for two years now. Can you solve the case?

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Ubaldo Pioli said...

As soon as she was released, I went into the plot and went to the end, without losing anything. A very good adventure.
Need to idealize others.
Thank you and congratulations for the site and blog.