Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Arduino Enigma Simulator

The Arduino Enigma simulator is a fantastic new simulation, running on the popular open source Arduino UNO platform. The electronics, based on the ATmega168 micro-controller, simulate the WW2 Enigma I, the Kriegsmarine M3, M4 and even incorporates the so-called Uhr switch to modify the plugboard connections.

The interface uses the small Seeed 2.8 Studio touch screen, making it probably the tiniest practical digital Enigma simulation. The maker used an interface structure with top view for operation, open lid for configuration and front view plugboard that resembles the Enigma Sim, providing a realistic hands-on approach.

Complete Enigma simulator with UNO board, touch screen and 9 volt battery

The Arduino Enigma was tested against fully compatible Enigma version and thus offers correct encryption. Its truly a pocket-sized Enigma, running on a small 9 volt battery.

You can find the Arduino Enigma project on tindie and discover additional project details and the required software at the developer's Arduino Enigma Simulator weblog. He even made a wooden Enigma case for his simulator. More information about the Arduino electronics is found on the Arduino website. Since a video can tell more than a thousand words, do check out the Arduino Enigma Demo video:

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