Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Atomic Age - Black on White

Following up on my Camp Century post about the use of a small nuclear power reactor in Greenland, I would like to recommend two fascinating websites about atomic energy and nuclear weapons.

Mark's weblog Atomic Skies covers a wide range of applications of atomic energy. He presents both technical and historical facts, based on publicly available papers. Some of the installations, devices and ideas, conceived in the early years of atomic energy, were pretty amazing. This mysterious energy inside that tiny atom produced both some of the weirdest and some of the most brilliant inventions, from nuclear air planes to today's pretty secure nuclear reactors.

Alex Wellerstein is an historian of science at the American Institute of Physics. Alex is the author of the Nuclear Secrecy Blog and historical documents are his natural biotope. His work covers the complete nuclear era but focuses mainly on the development of the atom bomb during WW2 and the early Cold War years. He explains in an excellent way the military, technical, as well as the historical aspects of the bomb and the men who developed it.

Together, Atomic Skies and  Nuclear Secrecy Blog are good for countless hours of fascinating reading. Highly recommended

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