Saturday, February 23, 2013

Enigma World Code Group

Ham radio operator Bruce Culp N7CLH just announced the launch of the Enigma World Code Group. The website is created for people who want to learn about the famous German World War II Enigma code machine and to use an Enigma simulator to exchange coded messages with other members and friends in the group.

Real Enigma cipher machines are very rare and expensive, found only in a few museums and in private collections. However, today, several fully compatible Enigma simulations are available as freeware download on the Internet. You can also use these simulators to decrypt authentic wartime messages, today available with the original message keys.

Using a WW II cipher machine to encrypt or decrypt messages sounds pretty complicated? Think again! Bruce and Terry Culp did an excellent job in creating a website that clearly explains step by step how to send Enigma encrypted messages.

Over time, more and more Enigma enthusiasts have started to send Enigma encrypted messages to each other: collectors do it for fun, students and teachers learn about Enigma at school and want to try it themselves, on U-boat computer game forums they communicate with each other during virtual U-boat missions, and anyone with a technical mindset loves the technology behind this ingenious machine. They all love to work with this fascinating piece of wartime cryto gear.

Thanks to the Enigma World Code Group (EWCG), you can now team up and send messages as if you were a German signals operator yourselve. You can generate your own code books or use EWCG's standard U-571 code books. Visit the Enigma World Code Group, join the group today and enter the world of WW2 encrypted radio messages! Fun guaranteed!

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