Monday, December 05, 2011

Enigma Simulator Update

Santa Claus has brought to you a new - major - update of my Enigma simulator. After some 300.000 downloads of the sim worldwide (who said history and maths are boring?), I decided to create a last major update with ideas that have floated around in my head in recent years. Since the Mayas predicted the end of the world in 2012, I took the opportunity to put the new sim in Santa's sock so that you can enjoy the little gizmo before we all go with a big bang in the next year. And the best of all... is free!

Screenshots of the new Enigma simulator: Enigma I, M3 and M4

What's new in this version? There's a major graphical revision with a different front cover and internal view for each of the Enigma models (Heer and Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine M3 and M4). There are now two types of rotors (labelled with letters or numbers) and the plug board is revised, with different layouts for the various models. The plug board layout order is also changeable. The individual plugs are now visible on top view. A new photo gallery is added, with new images that I shot from various Enigma machines. The new sound effects are recorded from a real enigma machine, there's a sound on/off option and the Auto Typing function is improved. Finally, the help file is re-written and expanded. I hope these are enough reasons to go see what Santa brought to you!

The Enigma simulator 7.0 is downloadable from Cipher Machines and Cryptology and comments on the new version are most welcome through my website. Have fun!


Ken Prescott said...

Dirk, very nice update! I definitely like the number option for the rotors.

beta beta said...

Thank you for your dedicated work! What about an Abwehr add-on for this Christmas?... I know, I'm so greedy...