Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mythbusters on RSA Conference

Discovery Channel's Mythbusters, notorious for building and testing the most crazy things, were at the RSA Conference 2009 last April, to present their XXL Jefferson Disk. The RSA Conference organisation wanted an original demonstration of a crypto device and Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage designed and built this super-sized Bazeries Cylinder. The device was later auctioned on e-bay, with the proceeds to the EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Jamie and Adam had distributed a ciphertext among the conference participants and demonstrated the decryption of that text on their huge Jefferson Disk the following day. This was followed by an entertaining interview with Adam and Jamie, explaining how their opposite characters are the secret to success during the development of the Mythbusters experiments. Adam even mentioned that he owns an Enigma-E, Paul Reuvers' and Marc Simons' well known electronic version of the Enigma machine.

You can watch the video of Adam's and Jamie's demonstration (thanks to David Goodman for the tip) which is found on the RSA Conference 2009 Keynote Webcast. The webcast page is really worth a visit as you can view video's of many conference speakers, all of them key players in cryptography science and industry.

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