Friday, December 18, 2009

Enigma Patents

The Crypto Museum website has published a large number of original patents, related to the German Enigma cipher machine. These documents, dated from 1918 to 1923, show the development of the Enigma machine and contains a large number of detailed technical drawings. Electrical circuits, different types of ciphering wheels and various mechanisms to advance them, printing systems and much more.

Some of the patents were filed by German engineer Arthur Scherbius, others by firms such as Gewerkschaft Securitas of Berlin and Chiffriermaschinen AG, both related to Scherbius. However, similar patents were filed by firms in the United States, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom, some of them related to Germany based companies.

All patents are available in pdf format on Paul Reuvers' and Marc Simons' Crypto Museum Enigma patents page. More patents are found on Arthur Bauer's Foundation for German Communication.

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