Friday, August 06, 2010

Holiday Reading Stuff

We're half-way trough the holidays, and while some of us will surely have an exciting and adventurous vacation, some others will have to obey their wife's request for a lazy baking-brown-vacation on some remote club hotel swimming pool.

For those unfortunate ones who don't have any idea on how to survive those long hours at the pool, I selected a list of excellent previously posted papers. Behind each paper there's a [i] link to additional information. I suggest to print them out - leave your laptop at home - and put them in your luggage. All files are downloadable by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As..." You'll have many hours of reading fun, instead of boring things like observing other husbands wives in bikini.

1. USSR General Col. Danelevich Interview [i]
2. Cuban Agent Communications [i]
3. Assessment Aldrich Ames case [i]
4. The Berlin Tunnel Operation [i]
5. Ana Belen Montes Affidavit [i]
6. East German SIGINT Operations [i]
7. Anna Chapman and Mikhail Semenko complaint [i]
8. David Boak's COMSEC Lecture [i]
9. Analysis John Walker Case [i]
10.Report on the First Nuclear Explosion [i]

I also compiled a zip with several interviews and reports on major espionage cases, which is available on simple request by e-mail (don't forget to add your e-mail address).

And if you take your MP3 player with you on vacation, here's a great BBC4 Radio program on Numbers Stations. Recent espionage cases like the SVR spy ring in the US, the Kendall Myers, Carlos Alvarez or Ana Belen Montes cases have shown that the era of these Cold War spy stations is far from over.

A tip: although all these documents are declassified, some airport customs might experience an anafylactic shock while viewing them. If you do want to cross a border, put the papers in your wife's luggage and deny everything. Burn after reading (the papers, not the wife)!

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