Saturday, March 07, 2009

Paper Enigma Replika

Unless you're living on another planet, you probably have noticed there's a financial crisis. I can imagine that many people are dreaming of their own Enigma machine, but currently have more useful things to do with their money. The unfortunate among us could try out my freeware Enigma simulator, which looks and works like the real thing or Mike Koss' Paper Enigma. However, now there's also a paper Enigma that looks exactly like the real thing!

You can construct your own Enigma machine with only a color printer, scissors and a bit of glue. Go to the Paper Replika website download the pdf Enigma M4 Naval machine, print it out in color and put it together. That's it! You don't need stiff card paper, plain paper will do just fine. This is the perfect solution for those who always wanted an Enigma machine on their desk without paying their pants off. It's very beautiful, with realistic colors and nice details like an opening lid, plugs, rotors that stick out, and even the typical M4 handles. With some patience and a sharp cutter, you'll be able to make a real beauty. If you donate $2.00 you can obtain a larger version without the website credits on the machine.

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