Thursday, May 01, 2008

Enigma Challenge Results

I finally had the time to revise the Enigma challenge Table of Honor. After two years, 97 competitors joined the challenge to crack the 10 secret messages, encrypted with the German Enigma machine. New people keep entering the challenge. The All-Time Table of Honor started to get a bit over-populated and a new table design gives each codebreaker his little spot in the light, together with the flag of his country.

New codebreakers can still join the challenge and earn a place in the tables! You don't need to be a professional cryptologist or maths geek, just a bit of grey matter, logical thinking and some luck will do just fine. Nothing beats the thrill of an encrypted message that unveils its secret text! Check out the new All-Time Table of Honor at the Enigma Cipher Challenge page.

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