Friday, October 05, 2007

German Communication

The Centre for German Communication and related Technology is a foundation that preserves the history of German technology, more in particular from before and during the Second World War. It's a large collection of original documents, plans and circuit diagrams about all sorts of technology, ranging from radio equipment, encryption devices, patents, measurements, radar and company history.

I was especially pleased to find detailed documents and images about the G-Schreiber T52d cipher machine, the Kurier system, which is a German type of burst encoder transmission system, and radio equipment from the Abwehr (German secret service). There's an extensive Handbooks section with a wealth of original documents. Don't forget to visit the Archive display, with lots of detailed images of all kinds of equipment. There's far too much to explain it all here, so do visit the website!


[WinAmp] said...

I don't mean to be nitpicking but you've mis-spelled Abwehr as Abwher.. :)

Dirk said...

Oeps! Typo corrected ;-) A little dyslexia problem, or is is Syldixia, or Lysdexia...?

[WinAmp] said...

I'm quite certain it's Lysdexia .. *giggle* .. it can be a bitch sometimes, though. Imagine what would've happened if whoever it was that wrote the US constitution was dyslexic .. "One nation under Dog..".

It wouldn't be far from the truth nowadays, though ;)