Thursday, August 16, 2007

Numbers and Spies

The August edition of Spycast is an interesting interview with Scott Carmichael, the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) counterintelligence official who investigated the Ana Belen Montes case. Montes, the senior Cuba analyst at the DIA, was arrested in 2001 and charged with committing espionage for Cuba. The federal prosecutors stated that she communicated with the Cuban Intelligence Service through encrypted messages and received her instructions through shortwave encrypted transmissions from Cuba. This case reminds me again at the famous numbers stations, and more specific at the Cuban "Attencion 1234567890". This case, just as the "Spy With No Name" case I wrote about last month, once again confirms that numbers stations are indeed spy stations. The messages on these numbers stations are believed to be encrypted with the absolutely secure one-time pad.

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Anonymous said...

TAPIR is a OTP program from NVA
in GDR

under Freeware