Sunday, December 03, 2006

Russian MK-85C "ANCRYPT" Crypto Device

The MK-85C was a top-secret portable cryptographic device used mainly by the Russian military. Information has recently surfaced and was published on Andrew Davie's Museum Of Soviet Calculators.

The MK-85C is a modification of the MK-85 CMOS BASIC calculator, developed by the Russian firm ANCORT. The text for ciphering is entered from the alphanumeric keyboard and can be edited on a 10 digit display. Key space is 10E100 and the device can encrypt in both numeric and alphanumeric mode.

More details on the ANCORT website. Andrew's web pages on Soviet Calculators contains a remarkable collection of old and more recent Russian build machines. Most interesting!

More cipher machines to discover at my Crypto Timeline page.

Update: Andrew's pages are no longer available but I now directed his links above to their version on the Internet Archive. Andrew's information is also available at Anatoly Klepov's webpage.

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pietro1328 said...

is this the model that compresses the messages into a single buzzing noise