Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Site Review: Toby's Cryptopage

Torbjorn Andersson from Sweden has brought together some interesting pieces of information on cryptology. On his site you can read about basic cryptography and cryptanalysis and some Swedish cipher codes. He also composed a great chapter on the Swedish cryptographer Boris Hagelin and his successful cryptomachines, which incudes some nice images.

The most interesting part however is his From The Archives section. Some years ago he was granted access to the archives of the Swedish signal intelligence organization FRA, Forsvarets Radioanstalt or National Defence Radio Establishment. There are several interesting Second World War cipher codes presented from the Soviet Forces and also a few German codes. Amongst the Russian codes are Cheka and OGPU stations cipher keys, a few tank codes, Baltic Navy codes and NKVD codes. There's also a description of the Call sign encryption system of Soviet ground forces in WW2. Most interesting!

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