Friday, February 16, 2007

Faberge Enigma Egg

The Faberge jewellery, founded in 1842 in St Petersburg by Gustav Faberge, is known for its infamous beautiful designed eggs and the St Petersbrug collection.

Sarah Faberge, the latest family member of the Faberges is asked to make an Enigma egg. Inside the blue with gold egg there is an Enigma M3 in silver and gold, complete with opening lid. A limited number of 50 eggs will be sold to raise £100,000 for the Bletchley Park Trust. With a price of £3,500 it is far cheaper than the real Enigma, but with its limited number it's even more rare than the real machine. No need to say this will be a unique collectors item.

More information one the Enigma Egg, and how to contact Bletchley Park about, it can be found on this page. Pictures courtesey Kelsey Griffin

Kelsey Griffin from Bletchley Park informed me last Thursday that they unveiled the Faberge Enigma Egg on 14 February.

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