Sunday, October 29, 2006

Enigma at School

The story of the Enigma cipher machine is a combination of technology, military history and the mysterious world of espionage, code breakers and intelligence. As it happens, these are the perfect ingredients to attract the attention of young people. The art of teaching is an art of entertaining. Without the interest of the students it's hard to bring over the importance of maths. History is boring if you don't care about who invaded Poland 67 years ago.

But if you can catch the attention of your students with secret codes and codebreakers, top secret missions or stories on U-boats and intelligence services, its only a small step to the maths and statistics, used for codebreaking, or the importance of WW2 history. The possiblilities to link the story of the Enigma machine to these so called boring lessons are unlimited. More on the use of Enigma in schools can be found on these pages.

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