Monday, March 06, 2006

CSG Enigma breaking project

With all the current publicity around the three Kriegmarine Enigma messages, one could easily forget the tremendous effort of the Crypto Simulation Group. I already reported on Frode Weierud's site last year in 'decrypting Nazi secrets'. Ok, the breaking of the four-rotor Enigma message, one single message, is great news, but the CSG's codebreaking efforts are about more than 500 authentic unbroken Enigma messages, enciphered with the 3-rotor version from the Wehrmacht.

This huge project started in 2003. Many of those messages are already broken and some contained sensational stuff. Meanwhile, Frode has set up a special portal, Breaking of German Wehrmacht Ciphers. If you're interested in the M4 Project, you really should visit Frode's website!

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