Saturday, January 28, 2006

Site Review - Jerry Proc

Over the years, Jerry Proc created a wonderful on-line crypto collection. His site, called Crypto Machines, contains a large number of images and background information on numerous cipher machines. It's a very complete collection, giving us a good view on the development of these machines, during the last century. From the Confederate Cipher Disk, Russia's Fialka, the Hagelin models, over WW2 machines such as the German Enigma and Sturgeon, or the American SIGABA, KL7 to the more recent electronic devices like STU III, SINCGARS or KG-235 Sectera Network encryptor. The KG, KY, BID and KW series. You name it, it's on his site. Although Jerry claims not to be a crypto expert, his passion makes this site a reference to cryptographic devices from all over the world.


Frode Weierud said...

Yes, Jerry Proc has made a tremendous effort over the years to collect information about these machines and his work is highly appreciated. His Web pages never stop to amaze me.
If you would like to see what the US Navy is presently using when they communicate have a look at their INFOSEC pages.
A link is available from my Crypto Web page: or go directly using the TinyURL:


Matt Crypto said...

Jerry's pages are superb. Much of this information just isn't available anywhere else. I count some 190 systems indexed!

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