Monday, September 26, 2005


Everyone knows Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia, running on Wiki software. Its success has inspired some people, begin 2005, to create their own Wiki site, Uncyclopedia. Although it looks almost identical to Wikipedia, its goal is to provide us 'information' with lots of humor, nonsense and above all, totally ridiculous stuff. Where Wikipedia's foundations are build on the NPOV, Neutral Point Of View, Uncyclopedia requires that the articles are written in a SPOV, or Satirical Point of View.

To give you an idea, Wikipedia's "This article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it." was translated into "This article is a stub. The article submitter may also have been smoking crack. You can help Uncyclopedia by expanding it." Although some articles are completely ridiculous crap - actually, all of them are - there are many hilarious pieces. Check out George Bush or other well know persons in the peoples category, or surf through the most popular pages.

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黄德峻 said...

i like uncyclopedia.. that's funny.. haha