Saturday, August 06, 2005

Enigma Cipher Machine

About a year ago, I first published my Enigma simulator on on Tom Perera's fantastic Enigma Museum and Frode Weierud's Cryptology Cellar. I noticed that the upload links were traveling around the world, so I decided to create the Cipher Machines and Cryptology website.

Since then, Enigma Simulator v4.0 became known in all corners of the world, and I received many nice comments on the program. That's why we wrote it, and put it on public as freeware, so that everyone can learn about that great and exciting story. I hope it inspires many to get interested in cryptology and the world of ciphers and codes, by using this sim on exactly the same way the German soldiers did.


Stu Savory said...

Welcome to the Blogoshere, Dirk!

I hope to get around to reviewing your Enigma Simulator sometime this month.

For new readers : Dirk also did a simulator for the M-209, there's a review of it on my site.


Matt Crypto said...

Hi Dirk!

I was wondering what you used to create the graphics for the Enigma and M-209 simulators?

Have you ever considered a Bombe simulator?


Dirk said...

Well Matt, basically I used MS Paint! Took me days! Afterwords I smoothend up things a bit with Paint Shop Pro. About the Bombe, that's another thing, much more complicated to understand, but yes, could be a future project.