Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dictionary of Security

Address book Food for worms, carried around by them to feed other worms.

AES Advanced Employment Securing. A mathematical system to protect jobs at the NSA.

Back Door Larger than front door and without any lock

Brute Force Attack Type of information gathering by CIA

CIA A division of NSA, specialized in gathering information by breaking bones, instead of codes.

Code Spoken message, difficult to understand when the speaker has the flu (Stu Savory)

Copyright The right to copy

Copytheft When someone has stolen your illegal copy

Enigma It was an enigma to the Germans how the Allies could find their U-boats.

One-Time Key An easy to forget password

Steganography A system to hide porn in another image. If detected, one believes the porn is used to hide a secret message.

Any suggestions to expand this dictionary most welcome !

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